"The better the riding technique, the more fun" is the motto of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturno.

Our e-bike riding technique seminar is aimed at e-mountain bike beginners who are just getting to know the possibilities and dangers of their e-bike. During the 2 days you will not only learn the MTB riding technique basics, which will allow you to enjoy your tours safely, but also the special features of handling modern e-bike technology. 

Included for you:

  • Balance and handling on the bike
  • Refinement of braking technique
  • Correct shifting and cadence
  • Mastering steep passages uphill
  • Mastering steep passages downhill
  • Turning on gravel
  • Mastering narrow bends
  • Overcoming small obstacles
  • HELP my e-bike does not support anymore! What can you check yourself - eliminate possible sources of error yourself.

More services:

  • Support from the guides and trainers of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturns
  • 2 days MTB riding technique training and tours with subsequent video analysis 

Also included in the price:

Preidlhof Inclusive de luxe - countless excellent services! 

3 Nights
From € 693
pro Person
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