"The better the riding technique, the more fun" is the motto of the Ötzi Bike Academy Naturno.

For this reason, a new technical training ground for mountain bikers was built in 2010. We have remained true to our motto "from mountain bikers for mountain bikers" and thus a complete training course was created on 3,500 square metres of forest area. Here the beginners have the possibility to gain experience in the terrain and of course the advanced bikers can refine their technique. The course is also suitable for female e-bikers!

You have already been out in the forest on a mountain bike? Did you often feel insecure? Climbing uphill and downhill and pushing your bike? Learn with system and method in our 2 day Ladies Camp to improve your riding technique on your mountain bike or e-mountain bike in the terrain.

Included for you:

  • Bike control (adjustment of seat position and pedalling position)
  • Basic posture on the bike (steering and balance)
  • Balance Training
  • Brake Training
  • Correct shifting, optimum cadence, correct gear selection (optimum support level for e-mountain bikes)
  • Riding up the mountain
  • Going downhill
  • Safe dismounting in difficult situations
  • Curving on gravel road
  • Driving easy hairpin bends
  • Overcoming easy obstacles
  • small mechanic course (change hose, rivet chain) 

Also included in the price:

Preidlhof Inclusive de luxe - countless excellent services included! 

6 Nights
From € 1377
pro Person
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