Rejoice the transition into the new year immersed in the wellbeing mood of the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats

We are about to celebrate the new year, a special period that can take on an even more introspective value for those who are dedicating time to oneself’s wellbeing, whether in one of the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats or in a relaxing and resting stay.

A period of balance, it’s true, but also of joy and celebrations.

Rejoice the transition into the new year immersed in the wellbeing mood of the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats

Beyond any religion or spiritual cult, since ancient times all cultures have developed their own rituals of celebration. And if nowadays the commercial aspect of the holidays often takes over, their meaning is rooted in much deeper dimensions.

Celebrating means stopping and focusing attention where we find joy. It means sharing something precious, with the awareness that we are the ones who define the perspective which we want to observe things with.

Celebrating means being grateful for the history that led us to where we are, for the present moment we are living in and for the future growth experiences that life will bring our way.

We are so used to plan that our life that we struggle to live in the present moment and grasp its power.

Rejoicing in the present moment, totally absorbed in what we are experiencing, is one of the purest forms of celebration.

Because celebration should not be relegated to calendar events, but rather flow naturally into our lives and lay the foundations on which to build our tomorrow.

To celebrate is to express gratitude. And it is no coincidence that in many wellness programs, practices linked to this topic are often suggested: meditate every morning and write a thought of gratitude in your diary or every day before sleeping send a thought of gratitude to someone you happen to meet during the day.

Celebration is a collective event, which requires participants and not spectators. And it is also expressed in those small gestures, which can have a broader impact.

Because when together we acknowledge success, we trigger authentic mechanisms of emotional wellbeing, motivation and inspiration that have a huge impact on achieving our goals.

Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats
Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats
Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats

Knowing how to appreciate and celebrate the joys of life is as important as knowing how to manage negative thoughts and how to distance ourselves from less than virtuous behaviors.

The Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats are a precious opportunity to rediscover your potential.

Knowing how to balance hedonic wellbeing – capable of enjoying the beauty of life – with eudemonic wellbeing – obtained from the pleasure of profound awareness, is one of the pillars of The Preidlhof Way concept.

Every time the depth of our being meets the joy of life, we are celebrating.

“Recreating true wellbeing with a hedonistic approach to the present and a more eudemonic approach to the past and the future” says Patrizia Bortolin, Spa Designer of the Preidlhof wellness concept “means living everyday’s life with a new approach, in a balancing game between depth and lightness, between form and substance”. This is the very essence of celebration, which brings to light the depth of a personal journey with joy and vitality.

For the next holiday season, we wish to all of us the ability to see the beauty of life, the desire to share it with others and the strength to be grateful for it.

May the power of celebration nourish our thoughts of growth and forgiveness, peace and harmony.

May it help us recognize the strength of our responsibility and to bring light and balance into our lives every single day.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyful life from the Preidlhof Spa team!