That human resources are the soul of any company is a long-standing lesson. 

The Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats are designed to support guests to express their deepest potential and the human element is the flagship of their wellness proposals. Only a serene, motivated and consciously engaged in personal growth spa team can inspire and sustain people in authentic and lasting life changes.

Personalized care and continuous training of the spa team at Preidlhof are aspects on which Patrizia Bortolin, Wellness Designer of the Preidlhof Spa concept and of the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats, has always invested the utmost attention, contributing to create teams of great excellence

Connection, sharing, empathy, exchange and opportunities for personal evolution are the values that most often are mentioned by colleagues of the spa team in charge of the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats. 

And the gratitude of living in a serene place of work where owners know how to value people and invest generously on their formation and their improvement, both personal and professional.

Preidlhof Spa Team

Aurora, wellness therapist, performs a range of treatments, from relaxing massages to sensory treatments for the face and body. She leads special classes of active well-being such as facial yoga or laughter yoga and promotes products, spa treatments and retreats along with the spa reception. “In my work I can feed on many things. The atmosphere is serene and engaging and helps to feel appreciated and stimulated and to improve constantly. The connection that you can establish with people is amazing, I like being able to work in places that I feel almost sacred”.

Irmgard is a great enthusiast and deep connoisseur of nature and guides guests on wonderful excursions to discover wild herbs and edible plants, enchanting them with incense rituals and baths in the forest. Immersed in the natural environment that she has known since childhood, she loves to transfer the deep connection with nature, which she has always lived and expressed in her everyday life.

Elisabeth, a highly experienced shiatsu therapist, loves to deal with people she can empathize with. 

“I am happy that the guests leave the cabin satisfied and, very often, with great gratitude”.

“The greatest joy in my work is to be able to really help people, so that they feel better after the treatment”.

Wellness Team at the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats
Wellness Team at the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats
Wellness Team at the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats

Anna Maria performs several treatments at Preidlhof, from Dolomitic Sleep Ritual to Reflexology Foot and likes to shareher professional experience with the colleagues, inspired and satisfied to help people through her treatments.

Pamela, therapist and masseuse, also leads several classes within the Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats such as flow rope (gymnastics using a specific rope), olive tasting or laughter yoga. Empathic and welcoming, she is grateful for the growth opportunities and to be able to share them with the team she works with.

Preidlhof Wellness Therapists
Preidlhof Wellness Therapists
Preidlhof Wellness Therapists
Preidlhof Wellness Therapists
Preidlhof Wellness Therapists
Preidlhof Wellness Therapists

Andrea, a shiatsu masseur and operator, has remarkable empathy and listening skills and what he most appreciates about his work are the team, the positive atmosphere and the colleagues he works with side by side every day.

Jola, beauty therapist, takes care of the psycho-physical well-being of people through facial care and manual facial rejuvenation therapies.

“I like to think that I can make people feel better … taking care of their face”.

Verena is the hands and feet specialist, and in her many years of professional experience, she has been able to verify on the field the importance of the relationship and the feeling that is established with the guest, defining the quality of the wellness experience. “For me it is important that the nails are not only beautiful but also healthy. I am very happy to be part of the Preidlhof team whom I feel very comfortable with”.

Eleonora, specialized in facial and body beauty treatments, loves practical concreteness and is happy to work in a relaxed and harmonious environment.

Leonardo is a masseur, and also trainer of movement activities such as rope flow or acro moves (free body gymnastics). 

“I love my job, doing massages and seeing people happy and feeling good both during treatment and afterwards makes me proud”.

“I am connected with my colleagues at Preidlhof, I feel that I have improved a lot in my professional skills, thanks also to my colleagues. We exchange opinions and massages, key practice to feel on your body the sensations and effects of specific techniques”.

Martin specializes in oriental and integrative treatments, including those related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tuina, Ancient Healing, Hawaiian Healing). Over the years he has honed his ability to understand the guest as an individual and to treat them according to theirs physical, emotional and spiritual nature. “With my hands I feel, perceive and “see” what was, is and can be at the same time. The Preidlhof gives me the opportunity to work with repeat guests, to meet new guests and to do my work with joy”.

Alessandra and Sabrina, Co-Spa Manager, are the orchestra directors at the Preidlhof Spa, whose activities they plan and organize. 

“I am also a therapist, and every now and then I can take time out for some treatment, like a water massage and for laughter or voice yoga, my favorite classes. And the exchange with colleagues mirroring me and stimulating innerreflection and the success of personal and professional goals makes me happy and satisfied”, says Alessandra, grateful to share experiences and emotions with the whole team”. 

“I can be myself, I feel to nourish my spiritual and creative side very much, the connection that is created with people makes me feel alive”.

Sabrina, former masseuse and Aufgussmeister (sauna master), along with Alessandra plays the role of spa manager. From the organization to the welcome in the Spa Reception, from the sensitivity in the cabin to the entertainment in the sauna, there are several ways in which she expresses and nourishes her talents thanks to her job, of which she particularly appreciates the contact with people, she loves to help designing a pleasant stay at the Preidlhof for guests. “Sometimes it is challenging, but very nice to be able to “live” your different skills and have the opportunity to learn and grow both as a manager and as a therapist and saunameister. A nice balance”.

And finally, as we say in these cases, last but not least, Carmine is dedicated to the requests of guests before arrival and during their stay and supports the sauna masters with the spectacular Aufguss typical of the tradition of South Tyrol. Spontaneous and compassionate, he knows how to be a steady and discreet guide at the same time and plays a decisive role in supporting guests to find peace and balance. He joins all the dots to create the final drawing, adding that dose of magic that transforms the drawing into a painting. 

Preidlhof Wellness Team
Preidlhof Wellness Team
Preidlhof Wellness Team

The whole goes beyond the sum of the single parts.

And when relationships within the group work, each element becomes a multiplier of excellence. These dynamics not only create a motivating and engaging work environment. They also allow, within a Preidlhof transformational wellness retreat or a wellness path, to trigger that spark of transformation that only the deep and sincere human relationship is able to activate.