With the beginning of the warmer season, the Garden Spa at the Preidlhof also opens its doors again

Moving immersed in the nature with the Preidlhof special classes, discovering the forest and its secrets with Mrs. Irmgard, admiring the snow-capped peaks from the poolside, letting yourself be lulled by the silence of Val Venosta and savoring its scents that awaken with Spring: Preidlhof, surrounded by the nature of South Tyrol, offers relaxing landscapes that preciously supports the well-being of its guests. 

Preidlhof, surrounded by the nature of South Tyrol

With the beginning of the warm weather, the reopening of the Garden Spa is also expected: flooded with light through the large windows, the cabins of the Garden Spa offer tranquility, privacy and an intimate atmosphere where light and shadow play accompanied by the pleasant breezes moving the long white curtains during the hot days.

In this corner of the Spa located in the hotel garden, guests can enjoy the experience of unique massages, specially selected to be carried out in the outdoor Spa cabins, immersed among olive trees, aromatic plants, citrus fruits and overlooking the green meadows and over the valley. 

The Preidlhof Garden Spa

Bookable for one or two people, the treatments in the Garden Spa combine the benefits of wellness techniques with the added value of fresh air and natural elements.

Nature has always been a precious ingredient in all Preidlhof transformational wellness retreats, as in Energy & Healing x 2, a retreat for couples that harmonizes hedonic and eudemonic energy, tuning pleasure and value in a light, playful and conscious way.

After an olfactory test through which potentially dormant talents can be awakened with scents, a specific massage with a mix of essential oils created according to the test results is performed in the Garden Spa, surrounded by the South Tyrolean landscapes. Among the oils are lavender, niaouli, geranium to inspire and purify the mind, treat the skin and relax the body.

Nature helps us calm brooding over, letting go of thoughts that cage us, reduces stress and increases the flow of energy, balancing body and mind.

“Looking at the beauty of nature is the first step to purify the mind” writes Amit Ray.

And it is now scientifically proven that green, the most abundant color in nature, offers various beneficial influences on our body that go far beyond the pleasure of contemplating a beautiful landscape.

Preidlhof, surrounded by the nature of South Tyrol
Preidlhof, surrounded by the nature of South Tyrol
Preidlhof, surrounded by the nature of South Tyrol

Among the centuries-old plants and Mediterranean essences of the Preidlhof gardens and along the surrounding paths, the outdoor wellness activities of the special classes express their full potential.

Starting the day with a healthy walk, combining breathing and movement through various yoga techniques or enjoying the slow and conscious meditative movements of a walking meditation session are just some of the movement activities whose effect is exponentially amplified when immersed in nature.

And again nature, in a fun experiential journey through the senses focused on the beneficial approach of conscious eating while enjoying the queen of Val Venosta: the apple.

Nature teaches and guides us in different ways.

Admiring it and enjoying its company is an excellent support to learn how truly discover oneself with lightness and spontaneity, relying on that intuitive intelligence that too often is hidden deeply within us and that nature has the magical power to awaken only thanks to its presence .