Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa and its Aufguss rituals

Water with its nourishing potential and heat with its transformative power have been combined since ancient times in the sauna practice: different levels of humidity and temperature degrees with specific aromas and essences to create environments that are as healthy as they are suggestive.

Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa

Sauna deliveries various benefits: the heat doubles the speed of blood circulation in a short time and promotes benefits at a circulatory level; it helps, through sweat, the elimination of toxins; it supports a deep purification of the skin. It is a valid support against emotional tension and stress, promoting psycho-physical relaxation and a good night sleep. And for athletes, it speeds up muscle recovery and the disposal of lactic acid.

At Preidlhof the centuries-old sauna tradition is a unique experience which finds its most refined expression in the Sauna Tower:

4 floors of thematic relaxation areas and a path of seven different saunas with unforgettable views of the valley and the mountain peaks of South Tyrol.

From the Finnish sauna for Hot & Fun events, dry and with a temperature of 90°C, to the olive wood sauna at 60°C and 40% humidity, from the 5 element sauna (60°C, 30% humidity) to the Turkish bath where the temperature drops to 45°C with salt vaporizations to the wine sauna (70°C, 35% humidity) or to the “Schwarzbrenner” sauna in the relaxation garden. Furthermore the salt lounge where to relax at a temperature of 35°C.

Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa
Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa

And several lounges and panoramic terraces where guests can rest, enjoying the mountain sun or listening to the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. And for innovation lovers, the award-winning DEEPSEA Lounge, a one-of-a-kind “real 3D relaxation” space designed by Daniel Lathan, visionary and original audiologist and creative genius with a multidisciplinary background: a room with state-of-the-art visual effects combined with sound experiences, where knowledge in psychology, meditation, creativity, relaxation, design and personal development come together.

There is also a rich Aufguss calendar in the Sauna Tower.

Translated also as Steam Infusion, the Aufguss is a wellness ritual whose roots lie in Finland, where it seems to have been practiced since the 12th century and which has become increasingly popular in recent years in the saunas of South Tyrol.

Originally created also for the purpose of oxygenating the air in the sauna and regulating its temperature and humidity, by pouring the water on the stones of the stove and distributing the steam with studied waving of a cloth,

the Aufguss has evolved over time to become a true multisensory well-being practice.

From the classic version without music, which uses different gestural techniques, to the addition of essential oils with different scents, to the more complex and scenography versions with the introduction of music, up to the theatrical and spectacular Aufguss shows which offer real choreographies, the sizzle of the water over the hot stones opens the ritual in which the Aufgussmeister, through the rhythmic movements of the towel, directs the hot steam and spreads the aromas towards the guests, enveloping them in the warm, scented air.

This ritual causes a sudden step up in humidity with a consequent increase in the perception of heat which generates a further thermal stimulus on the body, inducing the sweat glands to work even more to expel a greater quantity of toxins.

Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa
Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa

One of the Aufgussmeisters from the Preidlhof team will also participate in the Italian Aufguss Championship which will be held at the end of May, valid for the qualifications for the World Championship.

Preidlhof offers various wellness initiatives linked to the world of saunas.

Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa
Discover the Sauna Tower of the Preidlhof Spa

Born as an initiative together with the other Dolce Vita Hotels, the Sauna Around Week is a package full of events and activities to discover the pleasure and well-being of the sauna.

While in November the Preidlhof Sauna Week will be revived: the Preidlhof sauna program will be enriched with exclusive Aufguss, shows and rituals proposed by an internationally renowned sauna master, the triple Aufguss world champion Rob Keijzer with his wife Jaqueline .