Human beings are complex systems, even if we often take it for granted. We think while walking, we are moved by watching a movie, we digest badly when we argue, the heart accelerates in a moment of intense joy, we paralyze with fear. We are made of different dimensions, inseparably connected and complementary, interlacing and influencing each other. The transformational wellness experiences in the nature of South Tyrol, at Preidlhof, are designed to take care of and nourish all these dimensions.

The physical body is often the external manifestation of a rich intertwining of thoughts, emotions, ideas, desires, physiology, spirituality… Working on one dimension generates cascading benefits on different levels.

The healing power of a massage done by expert hands is invaluable. It is good for the body and reaches the subtle dimensions. But wellness is much more.

It is a conscious approach to life that we can discover or find again supported by special wellness classes gifting perspectives of revolutionary simplicity.

How can we not feel the peaceful serenity while doing Forest Bathing, a conscious walk immersed in the nature guided by the wisdom of Mrs. Irmgard?

transformational wellness experiences in the nature of South Tyrol
transformational wellness experiences in the nature of South Tyrol

Or what about experiencing the active movement in a rope flow lesson, to realize that our rhythm flows the more harmoniously the more we manage to tune the left cerebral hemisphere with the right?

Voice Yoga teaches how to use this powerful tool able of letting go emotional blocks and making the inner world resonate. And the sound comes again in the Sound Healing lessons, sound and frequency at the service of relaxation and healing.

Sound Healing lessons

Furthermore, thanks to the wellbeing lessons with Dr. Med. Angerer and other specialists we learn to take responsibility of our health and self-care. While in a mindful eating class we work on our relationship with food, to truly appreciate what we eat and improve digestion.

Or the Slow Coffee experience, designed to taste an Italian meditation coffee with a ritual that awakens our boundless capacity of sensory analysis.

Among the transformational wellness experiences in the nature of South Tyrol, the celebration of the queen of these valleys could not be missing: Apple Journey lead us to discover the apple and to read its story in each fruit, bringing us closer to the magic of nature.

Each experience is designed to improve energy, stimulate the innate self-healing power and reactivate the mindful use of our sleepy senses.

An ancient legend tells that Gods, angry with the mankind, punished it by depriving it of the divine part. After discussing where to put it so that they could not find it, they decided to hide it deeply inside the man, because they would have searched far and wide but would hardly have looked inside themself.

The wellness experiences at Preidlhof are precious inputs to connect again with our divine spark in a light and spontaneous way.

Because deep down, each of us knows, better than anyone else, which is, at all times, the path to follow in order to feel good and continue to grow.

transformational wellness experiences in the nature of South Tyrol
feel the power of nature