We think Sound Massage is the next level of wellbeing and we are thrilled to be able to offer this innovative treatment at the Preidlhof Spa in Naturn.

Sound has an immediate effect on our body – both physically and mentally.

Sound has an immediate effect on our body – both physically and mentally. It has the ability to quickly calm the mind and balance all the body. Which is why we here at the Preidlhof Spa, are excited to be able to offer this special treatment.

The sound Massage has a powerful balancing impact for the body and deeply quietens the mind.

First at all, this massage is different in that there is no physical touch. It therefore, opens up the concept of massage to many more people who would normally not  consider having a massage.

As the body is composed of 70% water, sound vibrations quickly reach all the body in a more complete manner than traditional massage. Guests that receive this treatment will feel the sound waves on their body.

Sound sense

In  the Preidlhof Spa the sound massage is carried out on a bed of warm quartz.

Warm Quartz has many special proprieties. Quartz is one of the most balanced crystals on the planet.

Quartz immediately alleviates back and joint pain. The quartz bed reproduces the sensation of warm sand at the beach. This practice was also used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. To this day, it has multiple benefits.

Diverse Sound treatment

Sound massage is composed of different musical instruments – one of these are the Tibetan Singing bowls. Since ancient times these Tibetan Singing bowls were used by Tibetan monks for their spiritual and therapeutic practice. From this natural harmonic sound there is an immediate calming of the mind and the whole body.  

Sound and Quartz Massage

This treatment has been created to give our guests a deep relaxation experience with sound.

It is known that sound therapy is able to bypass our mind’s need to constantly over think things and so it reaches our physical body to produce a profound sense of deep relaxation.


The final part of this amazing treatment will be the sound of the Gong. This Sound is unique and unpredictable yet totally universal.

There is something innately spiritual about the sounds that emanate from the Gong. This is why this Sound Massage will make for an unforgettable experience.

The Gong has the power of creativity. And can expand the mind beyond its horizont!

Yogi Bhajan

Come and sound out our Sound Massage !