Suspended between spring and summer, between awakening and expansion, the month of June at Preidlhof is even more dedicated to transformational wellness retreats: holidays dedicated to deep wellness to rediscover ourselves, transform and let our talents blossom.

Positioned on the 46th parallel, where the Mediterranean begins, Preidlhof combines in its retreats the charm of a unique natural setting with sensory and highly transformative experiences. Mindful eating and wellness cuisine, original movement programs, harmonizing treatments and body techniques, holistic lessons and special classes combine to design diverse paths, each one with its own specific intention. Inspiring paths in which to discover the joy of not being alone in our inner journey.

There are 3 special retreats taking place in June and September only.

Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats

Glowing Flow is the retreat of the heart, led by two internationally recognized holistic wellness experts. Stefano Battaglia, a pioneer of emotional and mental wellness, named one of the world’s top 5 healers by Tatler Spa Guide in 2020, offers unique sessions to awake our innate inner healer. Specializing particularly in Trauma Touch Skills, he practices refined body techniques to harmonize mind and body and help the body to release blocked emotions following trauma of various kinds. Patrizia Bortolin, Healing Coach and award-winning global Wellness Designer, modulates the retreat by personalizing the path and creating an emphatic relationship with the guest to make the retreat a transformative experience.

Menopause Retreat is a week designed to shine and flow in women’s second time: a moment to reconnect with herself by following the natural flow of time and enhancing a precious moment of inner change.

Designed for those seeking quieter nights and brighter days, Sleep Better is designed to find one’s personal rhythm with the support of experts in Sleep Medicine and the supervision of Dr. Med. A. Angerer.

Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats

But transformational wellness retreat offerings according to The Preidlhof Way philosophy continue throughout the year.

Integrated Wellness Retreat declines the holistic approach into an intuitive journey that encourages accepting and transforming the past, enjoying the present and opening to the future. 

Transformational Journey is a creative and experiential wellness retreat for those who want to dedicate themselves to the pursuit of a more joyful life. 

Relaxation and enjoyment become one at service of our wellbeing in Wellness x 2, an enjoyable and relaxing program of hedonic rituals enhanced by using selected cosmetic products.

Energy & Healing for 2 harmonizes hedonic and eudemonic energy for a transformative couple experience where pleasure and value combine with fun and awareness.

In Weight Loss Retreat, Preidlhof offers a holistic program to reshape the body and lighten the mind, renewing one’s energy and learning to enjoy the journey. With Holistic Fitness Retreat, you move your way: ancient practices meet neuroscience to regenerate vital energy, reduce stress and nurture a constructive and joyful attitude towards life.

Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats
Preidlhof Transformational Wellness Retreats

What makes Preidlhof’s transformational wellness retreats unique? 

Authentic contents where substance and form merge to create experiences capable of triggering profound transformations with joyful lightness. A team of extraordinary holistic therapists who, strengthened by a constant direct personal routine in the holistic life approach, share sensory experiences and innovative techniques and guide us to the discovery of our inner wealth and unlimited potential. Experienced and trained professionals who know the value of putting themselves at service and work in harmonious synergy to seek that holistic vision – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – capable of unveiling each one’s personal path to wellbeing.