At Naturno, far from the big cities, on the promontory of a small hill is a beautiful jewel called Preidlhof Resort. Surrounded by nature and expanses of apple orchards and vineyards, a new spa concept was born “The Preidlhof way” and its life-changing Retreats.

Many guests now seek not only rest and good food but want to change their lives for the better.

Many guests now seek not only rest and good food but want to change their lives for the better. Each Retreat leaves the guest with something that they can implement in their everyday life once they return home. Retreat clearly gives the idea of seeking solace or rest.

Take a break from everyday life, one-full of commitments and tasks to be done and devote yourself only to yourself .

Although the Resort itself is presented with contrasting characteristics, on the one hand the hedonistic magenta that echoes luxury and the generous “vivre et laisser vivre” that satisfies every human need and palate. On the other hand, the eudemonic pure white of the Spa, immediately catapults one into a sphere of contemplation and harmony. Both philosophies coexist and share the same place: the Preidlhof Resort.

In this setting, nestled at the foot of stunning mountains, a new concept of experiencing the Spa was born. Bringing people back to the center of treatments and discourse.


In this Retreat – Transformational Journey, you are taken on a journey of the senses, sounds and perceptions that are all very personal and unique. We recommend keeping a notebook beside you and periodically writing down your sensations.

Transformational Journey – Creative wellness that captivates and enchants and surprisingly transforms you

We believe that life is about always enriching yourself with new experiences, new scents and emotions. It is also time every now and then, to reinvent yourself and start anew, even many times over.

And while the hedonic side can be pampered by all the big and small luxuries the hotel offers as well as stellar leisure and relaxation, the mind and spirit and body are cared for in the Spa to awaken the senses and experience new and exciting, one-of-a-kind experiences.

To top off the transformative experiences, massages and treatments are the Special Classes specifically created to aid transformation.

We have Laughter Yoga which helps oxygenate the body through special techniques and rigorous laughter. Yoga Nidra which is the quintessential Sleep Yoga, which helps one to relax profoundly. Both ways to enhance creativity and feel immediately rejuvenated.

Mindful eating, the pleasure of the present savored with every bite. The rediscovery of flavors and knowing how to rediscover oneself through them.

Life is a wonderful gift and rediscovering all the potential that lives within us is an exciting journey. The Transformational Journey is a Retreat that changes your perspective.

Retreats are wellness exercises, a concentration of targeted treatments and programmes designed for a specific purpose. A parenthesis of space that we give ourselves to recharge, to feel alive again. And the real magic is that once we return home, the well-being endures making us better in our present every day.