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Naturns vous trouvez toute une gamme de magasins spécialisés recommandables. Nous vous proposons également de faire du lèche-vitrines dans la vieille ville romantique de Meran.

Calendrier de marché:

Les marchés hebdomadaires ont lieu les jours suivants:

  • Jeudi: Bozen (Matteottiplatz)
  • Jeudi: Schlanders
  • Vendredi: Meran
  • Samedi: Naturns (Bürger- und Rathaushof) et Bozen (Siegesplatz)

Si le jour de marché est un jour de congé, le marché à lieu le jour précédent.

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Mountain bike weeks with 315 days of sunshine
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1344
du 02.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
Merano Bike Highline, new Ötzi Flow Trail With its 315 days of sunshine per year Naturno is perfect for mountain biking and it’s absolutely amazing…
Sensorial Journey 4 treatment days/ 5 nights
5 Nuits
à partir du € 1910
du 05.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
Developed for contemporary wellness seekers and experiential travelers, this retreat recognizes that transformation can only arise from within. It is…
Traditional Wellness Retreat 3 treatment days/ 4 nights
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1176
du 05.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
Enhance your vacation with a classic wellness touch: 3 days of treatments to help you relax and regenerate more whilst enjoying time in this beautiful…
Wellness for two 4 treatment days / 5 nights
5 Nuits
à partir du € 1474
du 05.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
This is a relaxing and engaging program designed to create beautiful memories through sensorial experiences. Perfect for spa lovers, it is full of…
E-bike days "Land & People" for pleasure cyclists in the Merano region
5 Nuits
à partir du € 1120
du 23.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
E-bike leisure cyclists and pleasure cyclists will find customised offers with us: from bike shuttle to rental bike - in the Mediterranean climate of…
Honeymoon & wedding anniversary
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1484
du 23.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
Just married or happily married for years? We celebrate with you!
Women Retreat 6 treatment days / 7 nights
7 Nuits
à partir du € 3019
du 23.03.2024 à 24.11.2024
A week designed to be unforgettable, a milestone in your life. Engaging classes and exceptional therapists guide a mindset shift centering  on the…
5-star Special in May
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1016
du 27.04.2024 à 01.06.2024
Spring in Merano and Environs in South Tyrol begins as early as March and transforms nature into a sea of flowers until May. Excursions with our…
Last Minute: Romantic Weekend in South Tyrol
2 Nuits
à partir du € 524
du 27.04.2024 à 29.04.2024
Just YOU & I – Precious moments for two  
Hiking at the irrigation channels
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1694
du 27.04.2024 à 04.05.2024
du 26.10.2024 à 02.11.2024
Rustic paths along irrigation channels - pleasantly flat always following the stream, they follow the orchards and vineyards across the valley through…
Last Minute: Spring Spa Break
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1016
du 28.04.2024 à 03.05.2024
It's spring! Here in Naturno near Merano, on the southern side of the Alps in Northern Italy, spring welcomes you with pleasant temperatures. The…
Join us dancing in May
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1694
du 01.05.2024 à 30.05.2024
Dancing – a form of expression
Last Minute: Wellness Short Stay
3 Nuits
à partir du € 762
du 05.05.2024 à 08.05.2024
Wellness. Relax. Happiness.
Pure nature at the Merano High Mountain Trail
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1694
du 01.06.2024 à 08.06.2024
du 31.08.2024 à 07.09.2024
The High Mountain Trail of Merano circles the Texel Group Nature Park (the biggest nature park in South Tyrol) with a length of nearly 100 km. Within…
Adventure weeks in the nature park
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1694
du 15.06.2024 à 22.06.2024
The Nature Park Texelgruppe, the largest nature park in South Tyrol with access directly behind the Hotel Preidlhof, forms the backdrop for…
High Alpine Special Trail Week with E-MTBS
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1914
du 30.06.2024 à 06.07.2024
A week on the road with the guides of the Ötzi Bike Academy and their personal highlight tours, most beautiful trails and culinary favourites. …
Golden South Tyrolean autumn
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1869
du 07.09.2024 à 28.09.2024
The most beautiful season in South Tyrol, pleasantly mild climate, lush vineyards and mature orchards invite you to excursions and our huge pool area…
Glowing Flow 5 treatment days / 6 nights
6 Nuits
à partir du € 4584
du 15.09.2024 à 25.10.2024
World-renowned, award-winning Holistic Master, Trauma Therapist and Meditation Teacher, Stefano Battaglia, with Transformational Coach, Patrizia…
DolceVita & Spa for 2
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1484
du 05.10.2024 à 24.11.2024
Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling!
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1056

du 16.10.2024 à 20.10.2024
DolceVita Sauna around weeks
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1764
du 20.10.2024 à 27.10.2024
Attention sauna lovers! In collaboration with our Dolce Vita partner hotels, we have created a very special sauna experience, the Sauna Around Week.…
Sauna Highlight Week
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1344
du 17.11.2024 à 24.11.2024
Infusions & rituals with the triple world champion