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Naturns vous trouvez toute une gamme de magasins spécialisés recommandables. Nous vous proposons également de faire du lèche-vitrines dans la vieille ville romantique de Meran.

Calendrier de marché:

Les marchés hebdomadaires ont lieu les jours suivants:

  • Jeudi: Bozen (Matteottiplatz)
  • Jeudi: Schlanders
  • Vendredi: Meran
  • Samedi: Naturns (Bürger- und Rathaushof) et Bozen (Siegesplatz)

Si le jour de marché est un jour de congé, le marché à lieu le jour précédent.

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Energy & Healing for 2 (5 days)
5 Nuits
à partir du € 1813
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
Harmonize both energies to create a new common one, be lighter, more joyful, and more aware. The winning recipe: important, intense and individual…
Holistic Fitness Retreat (4 days)
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1351
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
A reenergising and regenerating programme based on the latest neuroscience analysis and ancient practices.  A new approach to movement incorporating…
Honeymoon & wedding anniversary
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1372
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
Just married or happily married for years? We celebrate with you!
Mountain bike weeks with 315 days of sunshine
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1242
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
Merano Bike Highline, new Ötzi Flow Trail With its 315 days of sunshine per year Naturno is perfect for mountain biking and it’s absolutely amazing…
Transformational Journey (4 days)
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1436
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
Developed for contemporary wellness seekers, experiential travellers and people open to change, expand, and flourish. Transformational wellness can…
Wellness for 2 (4 nights)
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1180
du 01.09.2022 à 27.11.2022
Time is our most precious gift. Looking after your health and wellbeing is a private affair, very personal. If you decide to share this with someone…
Last Minute: 100% active and relax… summer at Preidlhof
4 Nuits
à partir du € 1076
du 26.09.2022 à 30.09.2022
Your well-deserved hiking, biking and relax vacation in South Tyrol!
Last Minute: Wellness & SPA at Preidlhof
3 Nuits
à partir du € 762
du 28.09.2022 à 01.10.2022
Wellness. Relax. Happiness.
Last Minute: Wellness Weekend in South Tyrol
2 Nuits
à partir du € 508
du 30.09.2022 à 02.10.2022
Relaxation. Precious moments.  
DolceVita & cuddling in autumn
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1372
du 09.10.2022 à 27.11.2022
Cuddly wellness autumn. Finally, it’s time for love, in addition, wellness and relaxation paired with Dolce Vita feeling and endless cuddling!
E-mountain bike test weeks
6 Nuits
à partir du € 1680
du 09.10.2022 à 15.10.2022
Biking between mountains and lakes – castles and fortresses – on a journey of discovery with the e-mountain bike in South Tyrol.  
Gourmet autumn & Riesling
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1372
du 15.10.2022 à 19.11.2022
Wine lovers and connoisseurs get their money's worth during these weeks. You will enjoy weekly wine tours with tastings, gourmet gala,…
Hiking at the irrigation channels
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1603
du 22.10.2022 à 29.10.2022
Rustic paths along irrigation channels - pleasantly flat always following the stream, they follow the orchards and vineyards across the valley through…
DolceVita Sauna around week in Autumn
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1603
du 23.10.2022 à 30.10.2022
Attention sauna lovers! In collaboration with our Dolce Vita partner hotels, we have created a very special sauna experience, the Sauna Around Week.…
Romantic New Year's Eve in the mountains
7 Nuits
à partir du € 1960
du 26.12.2022 à 02.01.2023
Celebrate the turn of the year and enjoy wellness at the highest level in our thermal spa.
January Romantic Days
2 Nuits
à partir du € 560
du 02.01.2023 à 06.01.2023
Unique feel-good days with romance and luxury wellness in our thermal spa.