For centuries, Kneipp treatments have been applauded around the world as valid methods and excellent allies of our health. In Naturns at the Preidlhof Resort Spa, a true temple of wellness, you can receive a true signature Kneipp treatment whilst be followed by highly qualified therapists.

Sebastian Kneipp: the water revolution

Sebastian Kneipp was a German abbot who lived in the 1800s.

He rediscovered for himself the phenomenal benefits of water. Succeeding in a short time in curing himself of tuberculosis, he became the pioneer of the method that today everyone knows as under the Kneipp method.

Today, we are proud to reintroduce real Kneipp treatments in an exclusive and dedicated wellness setting. The Kneipp treatments offered in our hotel are designed to be exclusively “tailylor made”. So ideal for those who want to restore their natural energy, energize their body and mind or improve their sleep.

Sebastian Kneipp knew that the human body is a highly efficient system.

When exposed to stimuli, in this case hot/cold, it responds through the whole system. And it is this response to thermal stimuli that ensures an overall improvement in our health.

The benefits of Kneipp treatments

The Preidlhof Spa in Naturno is just the perfect setting to receive Kneipp treatments. The Spa is surrounded by greenery and exposed to the sun. Exceptional and unique Kneipp treatments and Kneipp’s pathways  are offered. With highly trained therapists who will follow every need step by step.

The benefits of Kneipp treatment are innumerable. For example, perhaps the most important benefit is that of strengthening the entire immune, cardiovascular and nervous systems. The change of temperature, hot/cold, provides our organism with a hardening (Abhärtung) understood as both physical and mental strength, a deep stimulation of tissues and organs that gives vitality and new energy.

Kneipp treatments in the spa become a beautiful experience

Our Kneipp treatments become a true multi-sensory experience. While Kneipp treatments give a nice boost to our organism to regenerate from within and self-cure, we do not give up the all 5-star comfort of the multi-award winning Spa The Preidlhof Way.