How doing Yoga Laughter exercises can become far more than just a Laugh for your wellbeing.

Why not try our Yoga Laughter sessions today?

We now know that our thoughts can influence whether we are in a good or in a bad mood.

If we want to get more in touch with ourselves and improve our good mood and increase our happiness, a Yoga Laughter Class in South Tyrol could be the ideal choice.

Some days we might wake up tired, exhausted and in a bad mood.  On these days positive thinking serves little because the only thing we want, is to get back into bed and hide under the cover

Often, it’s difficult to be motivated to do something, but the moment in which we actually start the activity, we generally feel better right away. 

Sometimes taking ourselves less seriously would really do us good. This is just what we offer in our Laughter Yoga Class in South Tyrol at the Preidelhof Spa in Naturno.

Laugh Yoga Class in South Tyrol

A class where you can allow yourself to get in touch with your inner child, be carefree and joyful and stop stressing out about life’s problems.


With Laughter Yoga, we want to reach even those who do not feel like laughing, claims Lara Lucaccioni, spokesperson for the Method LAUGHTER YOGA in Italy.

Laughing benefits our health, and science shows that those who laugh more, live longer and better. 

“Laughter is the best medicine”

Laughter therapy gives you endless benefits. It can immediately boost your mood, elevating serotonin levels, the happiness hormone. It also drastically lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

So, let’s laugh together and make the most of our day 🙂

In our Laugh Yoga classes, which follow the teachings of Dr. Kataria, you will find out how to laugh using your breath amidst beautiful mountain surroundings and increase your positive thinking.

“If laughter cannot solve your problems, it will definitely dissolve your problems.

Dr. Kataria

Give it a go and come and visit our LaughYoga Class!

The Preidlfhof Spa Team is looking forward to welcoming you at our Yoga Laughter classes. The Yoga Laughter Class in South Tyrol usually takes place outside, immersed in nature.

If it’s raining, classes are held in our Meditation Pavillon.

“Earth laughs in flowers”

   Ralph Waldo Emerson