An oasis of Mediterranean charm, crowned by palms, olive and lemon trees, immersed in the vineyards and apple orchards of the nature in South Tyrol. And the warmth and the light of the sun, from dawn to sunset. It’s in this unique natural landscape, protected by the positive energy of Mother Earth, that the original and innovative Spa concept signed The Preidlhof Way and its wellness retreats live and evolve.

Duty and pleasure, work and leisure, form and substance, appearance and depth, light and heavy: we often live divided between the two sides of the same coin, as if they were two separate worlds. But we forget that in the balance and complementarity of opposing forces we found our well-being.

wellness retreats in South Tyrol

Preidlhof’s concept of wellness is based specifically on this principle: each program and experience has been designed to balance the hedonic side – of lovers of beauty and life – with the eudemonic side – of pleasure of a profound awareness, rising from a new approach to life.

Like an artist creating works of extraordinary simplicity after a life of complex and extensive research, in the same way this simple principle can be difficult to achieve in today’s daily life, overloaded with inputs and vague in values.

The transformational Retreats at Preidlhof

Aim of the Retreats at Preidlhof is to plant the seed of transformation, to rediscover the perfect simplicity of true well-being, able to deeply live the present moment, strongly rooted in the past wisdom and projected towards future evolution.

Treatments with extraordinary holistic therapists, who know the true meaning of care and putting oneself at service, movement programs, mindful eating. And furthermore the energy of the mountains and the healing effect of the forest, body techniques to enhance perceptions and awakening the senses, yoga of the voice … These experiences and much more will expand our concept of well-being towards surprisingly new horizons

… to find the greatest teacher in the body and the guide to inner peace in the harmony of a still mind.

The Preidlhof Way

On the one hand the airy transparency of the hedonic world, connected to pleasure, to the lightness of play and fun, to savouring the sweetness of life and appreciating beauty. On the other hand the full-bodied passion of the eudaimonic one – eu ‘good ‘ and daimon ‘genius, demon’ – which is expressed through happiness as purpose and vocation, through our innate healing force, through taking care of ourselves and through desire of exploring the boundaries of our talents. They are nothing but two halves just waiting to reunite harmoniously and become a whole.

Two worlds, without hierarchy and preference, both essential to be one again: beauty and genius, mirrors of each other, from the surface towards the depth and again from the depth towards the surface in a movement that feeds and at the same time defines us.

And it is there, where beauty and genius meet together, that we begin to flourish.

wellness retreats in South Tyrol